Broken Heart !

Today I am very sad! you know why? ok I'll tell this story of woe to the readers. As a lover of the person I love, Rizal Faares Al Hafeezy.

I also like my male friends. He was a junior high school with me since our first. im very sad after i saw him give a lift was a woman with his motorcycle while coming home from school.

Actually, my friend told me that she was a woman give a lift earlier! Had my friend not told me earlier, maybe my heart will not hurt like this.

i wanted to cry, i do not want to see her again! But i'm afraid ...

I'm afraid that i will be in dubbed as a playgirl because i had become a lover of someone i love.

Ok, i think that's enough to my HURT STORY today :'<
have you feel very hurt like me today?

Stalk me here ~(^^~)

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