Hate Camping Much !

Hi all! Today Lettha home from camping at the school. It felt very tired and no fun at all! During camp, we were always trained marching and game track. We are looking for traces up to about 5km. Huh? tired right? I've been picked up by the father when the father came home from work, he immediately dropped to my school to pick me up earlier. I think my dad will not pick me up because he always busy with his bussines.

Until the house, I immediately shower and wash it, then I go to Facebook and the blog for my entertainment after 2 days in a camp like hell. Did you know? all because of my leg cramps up because most of standing and walking away! The senior senior looks like a demon all! I hate them! Especially with the senior veiled and somewhat strange eyes like the eyes of cows. I hated her muuch !!!

Ok, i think that's enough for today, did u know that im very sad because i cant watch Prince Zukko's performance at "Avatar the Legend of Aang" last morning at 08:00AM ? :< FVCK PRAMUKA AND CAMPING MUCH ! >,<

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